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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The moon represents my heart

Among the many things I miss from Spain, maybe the most surprising (appart from Yes Sir I Can Boogie from Baccara), are the Chinese restaurants. That lovely music, the soup without any taste of "gulasch", and all the special rituals that one can find only in chinese restaurants from Spain: "pote o café", dessert or coffee, "chupito", snaps, "flan nata", mmm a kind of pudding. To keep me alive without all that, I found out one of the voices that were stored in my subconscient during the many times I went to those restaurants: Teresa Teng. Here is a video I made from 月亮代表我的心 (yuèliang dàibiǎo wǒ de xīn), that is, "The moon represents my heart". The music is the soundtrack for the sad love story between Ötzi the Penguin and Die Maus...

yuèliang dàibiǎo wǒ de xīn

nǐ wèn wǒ ài nǐ yǒu duō shēn
wǒ ài nǐ yǒu jǐ fēn
wǒ de qíng yě zhēn
wǒ de ài yě zhēn
yuèliang dàibiǎo wǒ de xīn

nǐ wèn wǒ ài nǐ yǒu duō shēn
wǒ ài nǐ yǒu jǐ fēn
wǒ de qíng bùyí
wǒ de ài bùbiàn
yuèliang dàibiǎo wǒ de xīn

qīngqīng de yīgè wěn
yǐjīng dǎdòng wǒ de xīn
shēnshēn de yīduàn qíng
jiào wǒ sīniàn dào rújīn

nǐ wèn wǒ ài nǐ yǒu duō shēn
wǒ ài nǐ yǒu jǐ fēn
nǐ qù xiǎng yī xiǎng
nǐ qù kàn yī kàn
yuèliang dàibiǎo wǒ de xīn

Repeat 3

Repeat 4

nǐ qù xiǎng yī xiǎng
nǐ qù kàn yī kàn
yuèliang dàibiǎo wǒ de xīn

The Moon Represents my Heart

You ask how deeply I love you,
and just how great my love is.
My affection is real,
and my love is true.
The moon represents my heart.

You ask how deeply I love you,
and just how great my love is.
My affection does not waver
and my love doesn't change.
The moon represents my heart.

So soft was the kiss
that has moved my heart.
Such a deep affection
makes me long for you now.

You ask how deeply I love you,
and just how great my love is.
Consider this,
and look above.
The moon represents my heart.

(Repeat 3)

(Repeat 4)

Consider this,
and look above.
The moon represents my heart.

lyrics by

For those who became Tere-addicts, here is another video, with spanish subtitles, courtesy of pedroOAMR.

Have nice dreams...

Friday, January 18, 2008

Monday, December 31, 2007

Anton aus Tirol, karaoke version

Dear readers, I make a short pause in my holydays to show you a worldwide "premiere". The one and only original video from DJ Ötzi. "Anton aus Tirol" in Karaoke version. The best mixture of Volksmusik, Schlager and Dance!! A MUST for every "Hütteparty"!!
Happy New Year!!

Now also available in Youtube:

Sunday, October 21, 2007

An almost original tale from Isaac Asimov, Agatha Christie and George Lucas

Today I inaugurate a new section (I don't plan to continue in the future) that deals with de the worst science fiction comics of the history. Or at least, the worst ones among those than have happened through my hands, that are not many, but carefully selected among those sold at 3 for a dollar.

I will begin with the third position, the bronze medal, that I dedicate to the version in comic of the pilot episode of the mythical series “Galactic Battelstar”, well-known as “Galactica” by the Spanish children of my generation who did not have any better thing to do during summer vacations than seeing the exciting episodes of a series that already then was at least 10 years old and that was made to take advantage of the scale models and characters that were rejected when doing the first trilogy of “Star Wars”. In short, this series, without reaching at the dialectic depth from “Buck Rogers”, was my inspiration source to draw one of my first comics, in which bad robots with a red light in the eyes (original isn't it?) attacked the Earth, but after many laser beamses at the end it was saved. The most extensive dialogue was carried out by a human who said to a robot, “do you like to die? then here you are!”, and then it shotted him with a laser ray. Thus, it seems that some undesirable one stole my original idea and was lucky enought to have it published!


Secondly the famous “Hercules, Prince of Power”, and I say famous because at least the name of Hercules sounds to everybody, like the well-known Greek hero who once retired spent his time solving mysterious crimes. It is not necessary to talk about the terrible quality of the drawings, that is more than evident, nor about the doubtful script in which some supposed space soldier-heros, dressed in the style of ancient Greeks have to deal with the whims of interstellar Gods under a series of ridiculous situations. I would just say that the only positive thing about this comic is that the authors were kind enough to plan it as a “limited series” of only four chapters, with the purpose to avoid causing an irreversible damage in the neural networks of their reckless readers. However, it is more than probable that the series was interrupted prematurely, given the excessive success of the first delivery.


The first position is reserved for this Wonder of Creation that happened to be called “Primortals”. The truth is that there is no way to know what about it goes but is something related to bizarre tiny beasts that make things barely interesting. But the most miserly thing of this , that makes it deserving of this award, is the indiscriminated use of a pair of “famous” names to try to give credibility to it. Firstly, the comic is indeed entitled “Leonard Nimoy' s Primortals”, in a direct reference to the actor who incarnated the expressive Spock in the Star-Treck series. Nevertheless, having a look to the authorships, it is clear that this good man in the best cases just made the mistake to allow those crazy people to include his name in that awkward creation. In case this was not enough, a timid subtitle dares to suggest that this tale includes some “concepts from Isaac Asimov”. What the hell means that? Maybe it is just that in this comic there is a robot that is able to talk, and given that in the tales from Asimov there are talking robots, they already had the right to put another name to add a little of quality to the subject. In short, I found the idea so brilliant that I couldn't help to apply it to the title of this post…

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Charlie and the musculate factory

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My appreciated readers, since I have stated that a great part of those who visit my page by error are looking for appraised information on the body-building techniques from Charles Atlas, I am going to write a new post with the ain to generate, sorry, to avoid m0re confusion among the internauts. Thus, in this blog, and as a world-wide premiere, still at risk to enter conflicts of copyright, I will explain with many details what the technique of the Dynamic Tension consists, including explanatory schemes and graphs. I am conscious also that the journalism school is going to me to demand me for professional invasion, because that is indeed the work of a professional journalist: to explain until the minimum detail of something in spite of not having neither the most remote idea of what it means, nor the minimum interest in knowing it.

The technique of the Dynamic Tension of Charles Atlas lasts for ages…

Returning to the subject, Charles Atlas, whose true name is Gayumbo Man, as everybody knows, was brother of Super Man, but he did not have superpowers. In fact, it was a rather weak and small type, often bullied by their classmates. Until a good day discovered a technique that would change his life and would revolutionize the market of doping drugs: the preventive fist, also called “dynamic tension”, name that refers to the fact that when making a fist, in a preventive way, to someone who is thought to hide massive destruction weapons in the pocket, we will cause a great tension among his/her molecules, which gives rise to an absolute chaos of the nervous system, then the body is invaded by hordes of killer terrorist bacteria and virus that turns the victim inot some kind of autist Zombie, who won't follow neither his will nor the one from his aggressor. Very useful, isn't it?

In order to begin, I will show you an image that speaks by itself, and that shows us how simple is to attain perfect abdominals with the method of Dynamic Tension of Charles Atlas (by the way, it seems that this man is reincarnating in different people, because it is more than 50 years ago when he developed this technique and still looks quite young, must be something like the Dalai Lama of body-builders).

The last trend in exercises based on the technique of the Dynamic Tension of Charles Atlas: the “abdominal marker”.

We can forget those troublesome machines that the holly master Chuck Norris announces on TV, and of course those expensive quotas of the gymnasium. In words of the owner of a gymnasium, interviewed for an TV-shop ad: “now no longer you will have to waste your money coming to our gymnasiums”… without a doubt this guy was use to cultivate his body, but not his mind… or he was the reincarnation of Christ hibrydised with St. Mother Teresa from Calcuta, and had descended from heaven to save the planet.

Next, a video that shows another kind of typical exercises of the technique of Dynamic Tension of Charles Atlas. One is which one has occurred in knowing as the “technique of the pendular broom in dynamic tension with the oscillating movement of a servomechanism of opening and automatic locking of intermarchedic controlled by an optical sensor and with security system anti-I block”.

Good, I hope that all this has been useful for those willing to improve their techniques of body-building, although I guess not. As Super-mouse said, the secret for a “Body Atlas” is to hypervitaminate, hypermineralize yourselves and to take tones of illegal doping drugs. Personally, I prefer to dedicate me to the technique of static distension, which works very well for me, and also allowed a man with a long, red beard to live more than 3000 years.

The asceth mystic Hindu North American who lived more than 3000 years seated on his sofa watching TV and feeding himself exclusively with beer and Twinkies (r), which is something similar to a Bollycao (r), but stuffed with cream, and produced by Hostess (r).

Sunday, October 07, 2007

ALIENS, the return

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After deserved (at least for my undergone readers) vacations, I retake the subject that I had outlined in my last post. And I'm not talking about the exciting world of the Dirndl and the Lederhosen, but about the not less exciting but much more disquieting universe of the UFOS. In particular, I would like to talk about the famous Spaceman of Palenque, whose tomb was discovered by professor Ruiz the 15 of June of 1952, inside a Mayan pyramid. In order to refresh your memory, specially for the masculine public, whose memory would keep a better record from other images of the last post, I retake the two comparative photos that show the exceptional similarity between the engraving of the tomb and one spaceship like those that were sent to the moon.

Comparative between the engraving of the tomb of the Spaceman of Palenque and an artistic interpretation of a lunar module like the one used in the shooting of the supposed arrival of the man to the Moon. Aside from the impressive similarity, if the buried being were not extraterrestrial, why the hell the Mayans named him “Spaceman of Palenque”? …

Leaving a side that, as all conspiranoic knows, the arrival of the man to the Moon was not so but a quite coarse assembly of the government of the United States to get out of trouble in its failed space race, and that some decorative details of the drawing of the lunar module are perhaps not totally faithful to the original design of the spaceship that was used in the false conquest of our satellite, and that this time I have added a subtle shading to the image of the graving to facilitate the comparison… the similarity is amazing! The skeptics will ask themselves: why a lunar module and not a flying saucer? The answer is simple: the tomb of Palenque is about 14 centuries old: at that time the extraterrestrials (without a doubt Ummites, as we will see below) were in first stage of exploration, and used similar devices to those that technicians of the NASA copied more ahead for their Lunar show. As everybody admits, even most skeptical (to see article in the newspaper El País), the first flying saucers (with the exception of the indian Vimanas) were not discovered until the summer of 1947, when the pilot Kenneth Arnold encountered seven strange objects that moved through the sky at supersonic speed while he flew over the Ramier mount with his small plane.

Yes I know, some skeptics still will say that this proves nothing. Nevertheless, the enigma of Palenque still hides greater surprises. Two investigators of Nize (Guy Tarade and André Millou) have found in manuscripts of the Populvuh* (sacred book of the Mayans) some fragments talking about an infinitely old civilization that knew nebulas and all the Solar System: “Those of the first race were able of all knowledge. They studied the four corners of the horizon, the four points of the arc of the sky and the round Earth face”.

*It is worth to say that there are no written copies of the Populvuh, but any Mayan knows it and can recite it from memory. Also we have to admit that, in spite of the good faith of the Spanish conquerors and the not least civilised Azteks, many Mayans did not survive either… Anyway, the oral tradition stays more or less, which allowed the investigators to rewrite the book, by hand (they did not take the typewriter to their interviews with the natives) what lead to the aforementioned manuscripts.

Impressive, isn't it? But this is not the end: the tomb contains the rest of the “pre-Columbian white God”, or “the man with the mask of jade”, as named by the Spanish conquerors. Indeed, the deceased was not a Mayan: neither its morphology nor its height (175 cm) agree with the one of the humans who lived in the zone. Without a doubt, all these details agree amazingly with the typical appearance of the inhabitants of the Ummo planet, like those who landed in the suburbs of Aluche and San Jose de Valderas (Madrid) between 1966 and 1967, and that Doña Eugenia Arbiol de Alfonso (left photo) could perfectly see from her window in the second floor from the Campo Florido Street in San Jose de Valderas (Well, in fact Doña Eugenia could see the landing in San Jose de Valderas, but not the one in Aluche, and in no case she could see the crew of the flying saucers).

A typical ummita according to prestigious Argentine magazine “2001”, and two typical examples of colonizer Ummitas.

If this is not enough, the Mayan engravings are filled with references to extraterrestrial beings and technologies unknown by the humans. They are plenty of Spaceman-like creatures, as well as with beings using the sound waves like driving force. Going back in time, their predecessors the Olmecas left amazing carved heads adorned with a typical helmet of spaceman. Also we have the Orejona Goddess that, according to the Andean traditions, came from Venus. Although the Mayan civilization is left a little far from the Andes, it comes from the same continent, and that's enough.

Gigantic Olmeca head with its characteristic helmet of astronaut, whose characteristics are relatively Póssimos to me… Orejona goddess with its spaceship, and a Mayan engraving showing two extraterrestrial ones, the one of the left examining a radar and the one of the right using a system of sonic propulsion, whose similarity with a cigar is with no doubt accidental.

In short, although the efforts of some skeptics and organizations with dark interests to discredit the investigations on the UFOS, it is evident that the extraterrestrials have been visiting us for a long time, and that some have not only remained but that they became to be rock stars or to even become the greater landowner of Spain, receiving for that reason an enormous amount of money from the European Union in the form agrarian subsidies, in spite of not having stepped on a field of wheat in its life.

In order to finish, I left you with some commentaries for reflection, of the almost prestigious North American scientist Hyar Verril, that although having nothing to do with Palenque, is really disquieting:

“The high plateau of Bolivia and Peru evokes another planet. That is not the Earth, it is Mars. The pressure of oxygen is half of the one at sea level.
Human beings who knew to work metals, who had observatories and who had a science that enabled them to carry out works that are almost impossible with present means; some irrigation works would be with great difficulty attainable with our electrical borers.
So why beings who did not use the wheel constructed great hard roads? I believe that the great works of the old ones were not made with equipment to carve stone, but with a radioactive paste.

cf. Several authors, 1969, “Cyclop, the incognito of the space”, Cyclop, S.A.E.

Fashion of Pierre Cardin for season 1969/1970. Without a doubt the fashion designers from the end of the 60 still were in contact with the people's culture of the moment, not like those from now, that live in another galaxy…

and some even consider themselves as “artists” jajaja! …

Friday, September 07, 2007

Halloween is back, and with it "the ship of mystery"...

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Really, if last year I was surprised to find the articles for Halloween at the beginning of September, this year the thing is getting more intriguing, as already from beginnings of August the first orange-coloured objects appeared in the "Real" next to house (previously Wallmart). I suppose that with the strange summer (indeed disturbing and mysterious) that we have had, the esoteric thing has been advanced.

Although many of my (male) readers, and perhaps some (female) reader (there is plenty of all in the vineyard of the Lord) would had preferred that I dedicated a post to the Minidirndl, I leave this for further posts (it's always an useful resource to rise the audience). I will neither speak about the last news in male traditional mode, that is not another thing that a new model of "Lederhosen" (typical pants of shoulder straps) that includes a mobile "free hands" of the latest generation, which has been presented recently in the CEBIT, the greatest fair of new technologies in the world, that is celebrated in Hannover. It is certainly curious that this takes place in a country where still you can found Walkmans in any department store, and even cleaning tapes for Radiocasettes (for those who don't know it, the Walkman is a primitive version of the pre-diluvian Diskman, that would come to be something seemed to the old one MP3 that still is used by some elders in Spain -I refer to the MP3, of course, the others are simply extint species in the Iberian Peninsula). Anyway, the mobile hands-free inserted in the Lederhosen is really practical: in the Oktoberfest, for example, often both hands are busy with big beer jugs, in those cases, a sudden call can be a true problem. Facing this terrible handicap, the German creative genius has found the solution!! I must say, nevertheless, that this invention still lacks to be transferred to the Dirndl (typical Bavarian dress for women), which offers some frankly interesting possibilities, depending on where they decide to place the little buttons...

Hey, baby, may I make a call?

Oh! what dared...

mmm, well, OK...

Will this be this the new way to flirt?
To whom it may concern, the Lederhosen are of the brand Lodenfrey aus Bayern(,and the Dirndl from Moschen Bayern (

However, as I already said, it was not about "Trachtenmode" what I wanted to speak today, but about extraterrestrials, and specifically about the famous "spaceman" of Palenque (falsely described by some historians as The Warrior of Palenque).

As I have extended too much with foolishness, and now I have things that to do, for the time I leave you with these two images for meditation. To the left, the engraving of the Mayan tomb of the spaceman, and to the right, a trustworthy interpretation, based exclusively on archaeological and scientific criteria, without being influenced from the (at the time it was done) recent images of the arrival of the man to the moon.

PANTA REI: Everything changes, even the ZDF..

In the same river we enter and we do not enter, therefore we are and we are not [the same]


My self-sacrificing readers, please do not think that I am becoming transcendent, although the times we are living oblige us to redefine old dilemmas on the own existence of the matter and the universe, and still of the same things. When all is said and done, that all be result of a phenomenal noumen, as would say Kant. The question is that the comment of ours appreciated Lord Lowis, in which he indicated me a video from You Tube on Volksmusik, I have engaged me to investigate a little in the funds (low) of that site to try to locate some interesting examples for the personal enrichment of my readers. The video itself comes from the already extinct program "Lustige Musikanten", the one I told about in my previous entrance. It is a somewhat old video, but includes one of the greatest figures of the "Jodel", Franzl Lang, known as the "Jodelkönig", the king of the Jodel.

Curiously, until recently it seemed that such kind of things were not going to change. Thus, in the following video you can appreciate the vitality that still had the couple in one of their last actions in the ZDF. WITHOUT doubt the poor one Michael did not imagine that a few months later his good woman Marianne would have to be hospitalized after suffering an anxiety attack upon finishing their last show, after more than 14 years in antenna and 116 programs ...

( )

But we leave appart this theme, otherwise we will get too nostalgic, and we face now toward the future. In a previous entrance I told you about the figure of Hansy Vogt and the Feldberger. I have not been able to find any performance from the Feldberger in Youtube, but at least I have found this, that will allow you to appreciate its facets of "showman", presenter and "good son-in-law" of all the SüdWest.

He is such a good boy! He is the grandson that would like to have all the grandmothers!

Fortunately, there are several YouTube videos of the Ursprung Buam. In this case, showing that in spite of their fame and their good appearance, the boys do not seem to have so much success with the girls as would be expected...

And to finish, a small jewel: the Wildecker Herzbuben singing one of their successes, already some years ago. I must say that they are not among my favorites (they are too soft...) but they are so affectionate, with that aspect of David the Gnome!! Do not you doubt in visiting its web page, the introductory video is really impressive:


An amusing action of Marianne & Michael in a Christmas special, along with the Hoffmann sisters, and the nice Herzbuben disguised of Santa Claus (it fits them very well!)....

About the Hofmann sisters I prefer not to speak, because as many other singers of Schlager they are contributing to the destruction of the Volksmusik, aside from having among their "merchandaising" a collection of jewels that is absolutely tasteless:

Image to scale 1:10. The original slopes, of plastic of high purity, measure approximately 10cm of diameter.

As soon as I learn how to hang my own videos, I expect to be able to delight my readers with the report about the big final of the "Grand Prix of the Volksmusik", that was this Saturday. I must advance that it was somewhat dull compared with that of last year. Firstly, because the presenter (Marc Pircher) was not so good as their predecessors (casually Marianne und Michael), and in second place because among the finalists only a few showed a great talent, and TOO MANY were inded "Schlager ... " Although the winners (Sigrid & Marine mit Zillertaler Haderlumpen ) were not my favorites, I must admit that their music was happy and their "Minidirndl" without doubt helped to make it "happier", particularly for the male audience...

Some pretty examples of Minidirndl. More information and orders in:

(it is clear that I do not have commission, but if you say that you come from my part perhaps you can get a discount)...

Ursprung-buam: The boys of the Origin, or perhaps I should say the primordials...

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It was a night of grief and of crying

Since all conducted to the failure

they went the cousins and the brothers

they were going to burglarize and they were betrayed...


As many, not myself, would like to forget, in this way began one of the classic works of Los Chichos, The History of Juan Castillo (and of the informer that went to "pucabar", do not ask what that means, as I did not passed the level A1 of the gipsy language). For the unfortunate readers that have not yet listened this "happy melody", here comes a video I found in You Tube, courtesy of IbizaLibre, that besides has included some harmonious simplified for guitar, that this very day I am going to practice: La, Sol, Fa#. and then the same thing in fifth Si (in 7º fret), La (5º fret), Sol (3 fret) Fa#. thus a little pa not to bundle us a lot.

The very thing is that I did not want to talk about Los Chichos , but about a cousin and two brothers that, instead of breaking the law, they decided to be dedicated to the music, like they the patriarchs of the flamenco-pop did before. It is a matter of the Ursprung Buam, an Austrian group, of the Tyrol for more signs (of the Zillertal for the ones willing to know their roots and source of inspiration). I tried to find this group (whose name until today I did not know) since I saw them shortly in the Grand Prix of the Volksmusik, but was not capable. Today, at last, I saw its unmistakable appearances in the cover sheet of a disk and I had no option appart from buying a copy (although I had to comply with me a discount "mix", as theoir CDs are highly quoted, around 18 Euro). In this mix for 9 euro you can enjoy 39 songs, but reduced to a short statement of a minute of duration. Their name, in boarischn (dialect of the Austrian Tyrol and South of Bavaria), would mean something like the boys of the origin * and they show a great talent interpreting happy melodies to the violin, accordion and bass, sometimes with a kind of harp. In spite of being a young group, they have several fanclubs (one of them settled in Freiburg, of which I am from now on its very first founder) and web pages dedicated to them, some with an unexpectedly trashmetal background music, that I am not sure whether belongs to the group ... (to see for example). So that you can appreciate their art, I leave you with a jewel of 21 minutes, in which their humorous and amusing mood can be appreciated.

Please press in the image to listen the sample "musical"

Curiously, the violinist Martin (the most forged one of the three, but also the nicest one), has certain similarities, so much in the appearance as in the voice, with the already mythical Cañita Brava, that versatile Spanish artist that became an usual guest of the affectionate program "El Semáforo" (the traffic light)... how good television was done then!!

And don't forget to buy a CD of the Ursprung Buam (or if you download it from e-mule at least divulge the good new one, as did Saulo of Tarsus in his day, after getting blind in the desert of Damascus, not very far from where the crazy Arab Abdul Al Hazred was devoured centuries later by an invisible entity).

For more information, as well as to the address to rent their apartment for holidays (an usual practice among the artists of the Volksmusik), do not hesitate to visit their web page:

*I must say that Ursprung would also be able to be translated for "spring". At first sight, "The Shepherds of the spring" may seem a more logical name for a folk group, but this working hypothesis is ruled out automatically after looking at the musicians in any cover sheet of their disks.

De Re Rustica

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My appreciated readers, after a long summer of lethargy, my fungal mind has awoke with the autumnal rains that by these hearths coincide with the Sommer Schluss Verkauf, that is to say the discounts of end of the summer. Although it is used to rain and abundantly in July, August is more fresh and therefore more favorable to the development of the hifas of Yuggoth that compose my neural network. After these excuses of lazy, I wanted to deal with a topic that really makes me restless, and that many readers will have guessed upon reading the title of this entrance. Really, what avoids me to sleep, apart from a "cortado" (Spanish coffee speciality: espresso + some drops of milk) that I have taken in the Warsteiner Galerie (a German bar reconverted into "tapas" bar, that I recommend for the good environment and the quality of its dishes, and because besides they have Ribeiro wine!!), said that what makes me restless is the evil use of the television taxes. As many of my avid readers do not know, in Germany, as in other Germanic countries, there is a (forced) tradition to pay the Rundfunkgebühr, a tax charged for watching television and to listen the radio. This tax (that is not little thing, some 18 euro/month for each television set, and 9 for radio, although even so is less than what is used to be charged to keep the luxuries of the Paparazzinger) is destined to finance the television and public radio. The problem is when, suddenly, they decide to eliminate from the programming of the ZDF (the German second public TV) the symbolic program Lustige Musikanten, presented by Marianne and Michael (see photo). This has caused a commotion among the fans of the Volksmusik (basically the ones older than 60 living in remote small towns of the mountains, and myself), that has carried even to be revealed against the system!! Thus, the very same Heino, that comes to be The Palomino but in blonde and that sings, has proposed that we reduce in one Euro our tax payment, in support to the Volksmusik. Even some German grandpa has interposed a complaint in the courts for Missbraucht (badly use) of his taxes.
Fortunately, the state of Baden-Württenberg still respects the quality, and in the programming of the SWR, as much in the radio as in the television, the Volksmusik still keeps the prominence that deserves. Thus for example we have the radio SWR4 (Da sind wir daheim), specialized in Schlager and Volksmusik (sadly more Schlag than Volks..., and I must say that the cover is not good, and one must change of band too often), and in the television the programs dedicated to this musical style are common. Part of this success can be explained due to the charisma and the versatility of one of the largest stars of the badenish "entertainment": the measureless Hansy Vogt. This media supernova, besides heading the already mythical group Die Feldberger, embodies to the affectionate Frau Wäber (a species of german Mrs Rogelia), presents habitually the Sonntags Tour, a marvelous travel throughthe gastronomic, cultural and above all musical Germany, and even dares to perform as ventriloquist, next to the enormous rabbit Félix.

By this order: Frau Wäber, Die Feldberger, Hansy Vogt und Felix (guesses who of the two is the ventriloquist and who the dummy).

Thanks to talents like this, defined by many as a Spassmacher (maker of fun), the Volksmusik still goes one. As a sample of support to so affectionate musical kind, I will dedicate my next deliveries to some of their stars which well deserve it: the Hellwig Sisters, Hansi Hinterseer, Marc Pircher, or surfing on the local market, the Bächlesörfer, some talented musicians from Freiburg with a long experience in the scene, which although are not doing Volksmusik sensu stricto, they are still rather folk...